Louisiana Recovery Authority - Paul Rainwater, Executive Director - State of LouisianaThe mission of the Louisiana Recovery Authority is to ensure that Louisiana rebuilds safer, stronger and smarter than before.

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The mission of the Louisiana Recovery Authority is to ensure that Louisiana rebuilds safer, stronger and smarter than before.  There are five areas of focus: securing funding and other resources needed for the recovery, establishing principles and policies for redevelopment, leading long-term community and regional planning efforts, ensuring transparency and accountability in the investment of recovery funds, and communicating progress, status and needs of the recovery to officials, community advocates and the public.  Throughout its initiatives, the LRA is committed to a recovery and rebuilding process that is fair and equitable to everyone.


Hurricane impacted regions of the state are rebuilt and revitalized to be physically safe and economically strong providing a high quality of life while maintaining Louisiana’s rich cultural heritage.

Guiding Principles

  • Louisiana will set the example in accountability assuring that transactions related to recovery are transparent and follow appropriate accounting principles.
  • Resources will be allocated in proportion to the need with appropriate consideration given to both the southeast and southwest parishes.
  • Louisiana will resist the inertia that would lead us to rebuild infrastructure as it was; rather we will seek all opportunities to rebuild in a way that creates efficiencies and supports our statewide agenda of rebuilding safer, stronger, and smarter.
  • Louisiana will rebuild based on our existing competitive advantages derived from our geography, resources and culture while seeking further economic diversification.
  • Planning and rebuilding will be inclusive of citizen input and local wisdom.
  • Cooperation and coordination among agencies and government will be the hallmark of recovery efforts.
  • Louisiana will actively seek assistance from federal and non-governmental resources beyond the realm of traditional state-run programs.

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